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I am a person who loves people, and I try to draw inspiration and find the beauty in everything. I am motivated and passionate about the things I do. I have wonderful people in my life. I have lots of ideas that I don't always know how to make a reality. But that's alright- life's a start.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Coffee Spot

I recently hosted a coffee themed bridal shower for my sister, which turned out very cute! Using the burlap bag gift favors, a cute sign from a friend, and some creativity, I now have a nice little coffee spot in my kitchen! 

Friday, February 7, 2014


What an absolutely crazy,difficult, and weird day to end an absolutely topsy turvy week!.... In chronological order, and kind of going from least crazy to most:

-I got to hold a puppy during lunch, which was great, but still weird.-Every single girl in my 6th period class was sick, hurt, or having a bad day. This was particularly weird and saddening because they're usually super cheery. Since they were so off and sounding terrible because of whatever was troubling them, I stopped about ten minutes into rehearsal, and sat them down and had them do an inspirational writing prompt.Some good came out of it though, because some of their answers are crack ups or super sweet. For example:Some good came out of it though, because some of their answers are crack ups or super sweet. For example:What do you want to do when you grow up?

-Was reminded I have crosswalk duty all week (which I hardly ever have, and hence, yesterday's blog).
-Odd block schedule day at work, rather than all classes. Just WEIRD. 
-Went out with a friend and got a pizookie at about 10pm, which is when I'm usually getting ready for bed.
-Felt like Friday all day due to Tuesday's block schedule. 
-Had Bible study, which is usually held on Thursday nights, so it felt more like Thursday by the end of the night... but it was still only Wednesday....
-All class schedule day instead of an odd block schedule.
-Show choir couldn't run their mile due to rain.
-I gave a student their absolute last chance to stay in my choirs;She lied straight to my face about something ridiculous, and it brought me down big time, because this girls is super talented, but she is blowing it with irresponsibility (and dishonesty).
-Got a beer with a friend during the time I would usually be at Bible study. 
-Show Choir ran their mile today rather than Thursday. 
-I made kids do burpees for the first time ever because they didn't complete the mile in time
-My Tenor Bass was the best behaved class of the day (a rarity in and of itself) and didn't leave any mess from the donuts they earned (NONE. No crumbs or napkins at all)
Then, the worst part......
-A girl blacked out and fell, hard, from the top riser to the floor during 4th period because she hadn't eaten anything all day. It was EASILY the scariest moment of my teaching career, because she sort of convulsed on the ground, and I thought for a moment she was having a seizure. Fortunately, the poor girl was okay in the end, and all her class mates were super sweet and worried about her, but it was also very scary for them to see.

"Be an agent for the White House."
What do you want to be remembered as?
"A girl who never let anyone bring her down."
Who inspires you and why?
"God because He is so holy and helpful. "
What are you grateful for?
"I'm grateful for having a mom who is all i can ask for in a person."
"I'm grateful for having a healthy life, a great mind, and talents."
"Most of all, I'm grateful for having the life that I have today to be a someone out there."

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Crosswalk Duty

Teaching a 0 period at 6:40am almost every day definitely has its drawbacks, but it also has some very good perks. One of those perks is that I rarely have to do the much-loathed after/ before school "duties". This week, however, was one of the few times I had the task of after school cross-walk duty.  Letting kids cross the busy street while stopping traffic with a little stop sign did not sound too appealing. I thought I would loathe it as much as everyone loathes it, but it's actually turned out to be sort of interesting, and almost even fun! 
Monday: A random high school boy walked up and said he needed my stop sign, so he could "go up to girls and go, STOP! Can I have your number?"
Tuesday: A random, very pretty high school girl gave a big smile and a genuine "have a great day!" as she passed. I was so surprised that I actually stopped her and asked her if she'd been in one of my choirs before (thinking there's no way a student could be that nice to someone they've never even met), but she said nope!
Today: I got to see and hug a former student who is going through a really tough family loss. 
Today I also overheard a boy and girl talking, and the girls was arguing that everyone likes math, and after refuting her for a minute, the boy yells, HEY MISS! So I turn around and he asked me if I like math, which I answered honestly: No. And the girl's reaction was just so incredulous that it was funny. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween decor

I have been having so much fun decorating my new home for Halloween! It's my favorite holiday, and I've been decking out almost every room with cobwebs, pumpkins, and black roses. Here's just a few photos of some of the decorated areas. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

DIY Chair Makeover

I recently gave my atrium chairs a makeover. Take a look!

I started out with a simple (aka boring) chair:

Then I used a homemade chalk paint to give it a new pop of color:

The cushion had just been a hard wicker pad, so I covered it with some batting and a cute fabric (bought here

and TA-DA! Adorable.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Black and White Stripes

I'm a little obsessed these days with black and white stripes in fashion. I own a few of my own tops and dresses with black and white stripes, but I would love to add all of these into my wardrobe!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jewelry Organized!

A while back I posted about how I planned to display and organize all my jewelry. It turns out I have a LOT of accessories! Here's how I went about putting them all together.